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Living Will Power of attorney


Finding the time to begin building drafting your will is a challenge. For many, there is always more time. The reality is that unforeseen circumstances can arise at any moment and everyone needs to do their best to be prepared for the future.

Some of the advantages that proper planning confers include:

  • The ability to name who will make health care and financial decisions for you should that become necessary.

  • The ability to clearly identify heirs and the assets they should receive. This can help prevent conflict.

  • The ability to name guardians for minor children.

  • Preventing unnecessary tax burdens.

The primary instruments of a well-crafted will include:

  • Wills — A will is a legally enforceable means of communicating your wishes regarding your estate.

  • Trusts — A trust has many advantages including avoiding probate, minimizing tax burdens, privacy and the ability to create advantages that you and your heirs can enjoy. There are many types of trusts that serve different purposes.

  • Powers of attorney — A power of attorney allows you to give someone else the right to make decisions for you. These are often used to designate someone to make health care or financial decisions.

  • Living wills — A living will allows you to indicate your wishes regarding end-of-life care.

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