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Many family law proceedings such as divorces can be hard-fought affairs. Most people leave them with a sense of relief that it is over and that they have secured a family court order that they can work with. These orders presume that the people will cooperate and do what the order says they should.


Unfortunately, people often fail to continue to hold up their end of the bargain. For many reasons, people sometimes cannot or simply do not maintain

their obligations.


When people fail to meet their responsibilities as laid out in a family court order you can petition the court to enforce that person's cooperation.


When divorces or other family court issues are being decided, everyone involved generally puts tremendous effort into establishing an agreement that works for everyone for a long time. No one wants to revisit the hardship that most family law matters bring. Therefore, it is important to build agreements that work for today's circumstances and into the foreseeable future.


Unfortunately, even with everyone's best efforts, family law agreements cannot foresee all potential changes in circumstances. When your life or someone else's life has changed sufficiently, it may be time to modify the agreement to better reflect the current reality.

In Texas, some of the family law matters that can be modified are:

  • Child support — A modification can be requested every three years or when a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. Pay increases and the loss of a job can constitute the basis for a successful petition to modify child support obligations.

  • Child custody — Changes in circumstances or your child's evolving needs can constitute the substantial change necessary to grant a modification of child custody and visitation arrangements.

In addition child support and child custody other issues can warrant a modification such as:

  • Rights and duties

  • Allocating expenses

When you need to modify a family court order, choose an attorney who can help you find peace of mind and the confidence you need to move forward with your life.


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Common areas where people have to call on the power of the court to enforce compliance include:

Helping you make the right choices for your future

  • Travel

  • Extra-curricular activities

Personal Attention When You Need It Most

At Spivey Law Firm, our firm is dedicated to helping people maintain family court orders that reflect the reality they are currently experiencing.

When circumstances have changed substantially, our skill and experience can help you secure the modification that you need. There is no need to force yourself to comply with an agreement that is no longer in line with the current situation.

Let us help you work to modify your child support or child custody and

visitation agreement.


The representation you need

At Spivey Law Firm, our attorneys have witnessed how often people fail to meet their obligations. We provide our clients with the representation they need to be able to enjoy the benefit of the family court order they already have in place. You deserve to be able to count on that person meeting his or her obligations whether it involves child support payments or honoring visitation arrangement

When you need to enforce the compliance of the other party to a family court order, call Spivey Law Firm


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Secure the representation of an attorney who knows how to secure the court's intervention on your behalf. You do not need to live without the full benefits you are entitled to under a particular family court order.

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