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If you and your spouse can agree on all of the issues in your divorce, you may be able to go through the uncontested divorce process. During an uncontested divorce, spouses work together to create a mutually beneficial divorce agreement. Uncontested divorces save time and money. It can also reduce the negative impact of a divorce on any children involved.


While an uncontested divorce is simpler and much less hostile than a contested divorce, having an experienced attorney on your side is important. As Nueces County uncontested divorce attorneys, we can help you ensure that your rights are protected during negotiations and that there are no gaps in your divorce agreement.


When you begin considering divorce, you will realize that there are many questions that need to be answered both before you begin the divorce process and during that process. The answers to those questions and the choices that you make as part of your divorce will lay the foundation for your life after divorce.


It is critical that you have experienced guidance there by your side to help you understand the choices you have to make and how they will impact your future. Securing the representation of the right divorce attorney can make the difference between achieving your goals and continuing to live in the shadow of a marriage you were trying to leave.

We offer the exceptional family law representation you can rely on if you are facing such issues as:

Personal attention from an experienced attorney can make all

of the difference during an uncontested divorce

  • Uncontested divorce

  • Contested divorce

  • Military divorce

  • Child support (including concerns about child support guidelines)

When Disputes Arise

While some couples can obtain an uncontested divorce without any hiccups, others run into problems along the way. We have handled many contested divorces and can protect your interests in trial if disputes happen to arise. However, we are also skilled negotiators and attorney Gregory Glen Spivey is a licensed mediator. We can also help you use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to come to an agreement.


We also offer mediation services that allow couples to remain in control of the results of the divorce while managing the financial impact and saving time.

Personal attention from experienced attorneys

  • Child custody / visitation

  • Spousal support

  • Property division

  • Enforcement

  • Modification

Personal Attention When You Need It Most

At Spivey Law Firm, we offer our clients the personal service, skill and dedication they need when they are facing a challenge as difficult and complex as divorce. We understand the issues that our clients are facing, and we provide the guidance they need. We work to educate our clients so that they can make the right choices about their futures. We know that one issue that many of our clients are concerned with is cost. So in addition to offering the highest levels of personal service, we offer flat fee pricing with divorces from $399 and up (excluding fees).

Mediation Can Help

When most people think about divorce, they often think of costly, drawn-out court battles that leave people both emotionally and financially drained. The divorce process does not have to be adversarial. Mediation can foster an amicable process of resolving the issues that are confronting the divorcing couple. Attorney Gregory Glen Spivey is a licensed mediator. We can help you keep a lid on the emotional and economic costs of divorce.

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When you are facing divorce, some other family law matter or a probate issue, choose an attorney who can help you find peace of mind and the confidence you need to move forward with your life.


The Nueces County Family Law Attorney of Spivey Law Firm, offer the skill and experience you need.



At Spivey Law Firm, you will find affordable fees, payment plans, and flat fee pricing. You will also find experience; we have more than 18 years of experience helping families in Texas. We work hard to provide clients with high-quality representation that works within their budgets. Contact our law firm at 361-991-4LAW (4529) to schedule a free initial consultation.

We believe in getting to know our clients - only by knowing you as a person can we truly understand your interests and goals. We can help you effectively negotiate a strong divorce agreement that allows you to move forward with the least disruption to your life.

While every divorce is difficult, military divorces add an extra level of complication. Where will your children live? How will the court divide military retirement? What if you or your spouse is on active duty in another country?


We are Nueces County military divorce lawyers and we have more than 16 years of experience helping clients through complex divorces. We understand the unique issues involved in military divorces and can effectively address any challenges that you face. Contact Spivey Law Firm

at 361-991-4LAW (4529) to schedule a free initial consultation about your military divorce. Ask about our Flat Fee Pricing.


Child Custody, Support, and Visitation During Military Divorce

When one spouse is in the military, it can be difficult to determine adequate child custody and visitation schedules, as well as a fair child support order. We can help you protect your parental rights during negotiations and court hearings involving child custody, visitation, and support.


It is also fairly common for a custodial parent to relocate after a military divorce. Whether you need to bring a request to relocate or need help handling interstate child custody or child support issues, turn to Spivey Law Firm.

Division of Military Retirement Benefits

A percentage of a military spouse's retirement pension and benefits are included as "community property" during property division. The military has very specific rules for determining this percentage as well as how the money will be paid to the non-military spouse. For example, unlike the division of some private retirement plans, the division of military pensions never involves a "lump sum" of money. Rather, courts must order a percentage of the retirement benefits to be paid monthly to the civilian spouse.


As Nueces County military divorce lawyers, we have extensive experience dividing military retirement benefits and other complex property. We can help you understand what role military benefits and military pay will play in your divorce.

Whether you are in Texas or on active service with the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Reserves, we can help you.

Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, we represent clients around the world through telephone calls, e-mails, and faxes. Put your trust in a Nueces County military divorce lawyer with more than 18 years of experience.


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While there is a legal presumption against the awarding of spousal support or alimony in Texas, there are special guidelines under which it can be awarded. In the event spousal support is awarded by the judge, the code limits the amount to the lesser of $5,000 a month or 20% of the paying spouse's monthly gross income. In the absence of an agreement for a longer period of time, the code limits spousal maintenance to up to five, seven, or ten years depending on the duration of your marriage and other circumstances. If you are permanently disabled you may be entitled to spousal maintenance indefinitely.


Another aspect that can affect the determination of spousal support is the division of property. For example, one spouse could agree to receive a particular asset from the marital estate in lieu of a portion of spousal support. All of this can be negotiated to achieve our clients' goals.


Choosing an attorney who fails to delve into the appropriateness of spousal support could mean that you are simply cheating yourself out of financial support that you are entitled to under the law.

Spivey Law Firm understands the complexities of the determination of spousal support

We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your divorce so that we can make a clear assessment regarding the appropriateness of spousal support in your situation. Our knowledge of the spousal support guidelines as well as our superior ability as negotiators allows us to offer our clients the best opportunity to ensure that spousal support is appropriately determined.


We also offer our assistance to those who need to seek either a modification or enforcement related to spousal support.

When you need to answer questions regarding alimony/spousal support, Spivey Law Firm has the skill and experience you need.


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Married couples build lives together. This includes the acquisition of assets and property. During a divorce, the court will work to divide the assets, property and the debt that a couple has acquired equitably and fairly. In most cases, this works out to be approximately a 50/50 split of the marital estate. However, there are circumstances when a party may be entitled to a disproportionate share of the community estate.


It is important that the attorney you choose to represent you is a strong negotiator. Every person has personal preferences about what they would like to retain after a marriage. Without a strong negotiator there to help you fight for what you want, you risk walking away with a property settlement that may be less favorable to you.


  • Characterization — Certain property or assets are not considered as part of the division of property, such as inheritance and property acquired prior to marriage.

  • Income potential — The court may look at income potential as a factor if a disparity exists.

  • Debt division — Many divorcing couples must divide their debts as well as their assets and property.

Some issues that are part of the division of property include:

Spivey Law Firm works to negotiate for the division of property that our clients want.

We educate our clients about characterization and other issues that can affect property division so that they can make smart decisions for themselves. Our skill as negotiators helps our clients effectively pursue their goals during this process. We are committed to helping you secure a division of the marital estate that helps you move forward with your life after divorce.


When you need to answer questions regarding the division of property, call Spivey Law Firm


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